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I'm Coryne and I've been teaching leadership development for about ten years now - it's hard to believe.  I spent my entire career at a Government R&D facility, first as an engineer, eventually as a leader of a tech area.  Then, one day, the head of Organization Development tapped me on the shoulder and said, "You know, for an engineer, you lead differently.  Want to come and teach others?"

If I can face down a room full of engineers and scientist and convince them that they need people skills as well as technical skills, I can help you and your organization, too!

Businesses Thrive When Leaders Lead - Not Just Manage!

I can help you do that.  I’m Coryne Forest and I focus on working with businesses where the leaders are amazing at managing, but need their leaders to drive change through managing relationships. These are the leaders who have the IQ down pat and need help to add the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) piece to the mix. 

I know, because I used to struggle with that myself.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and a Master’s degree in engineering management.  Several years into my career, shortly after successfully completing a multi-million dollar project, I was promoted into leadership.  I quickly found out that the technical skills were not enough.  I felt as if my boss said to me, “Congratulations! You earned this promotion for doing all those great technical things!  Now we don’t want you to do that anymore.  Now, you’re <insert deep resonating voice> A LEADER!”

What a game changer! From project lead to people lead. Who knew they’d be so different?

If you’ve heard the adage “Leaders are born, not made” you’ve heard a lie.  Turns out, leaders possess a set of skills and skills can be learned. They can be taught, practiced, measured, and mastered.  Leadership is about relationships and change is about managing those relationships. It's those people skills that I can help your leaders develop. You may be saying to yourself, “My people are smart; they should be able to figure this out!” Truth is, they are and they can, but they've got a lot on their plates.  They’re professionals, parents, and partners.  If they dedicate the time, they can figure this out, but they are building the bridge while walking on it. 

I struggled to find the time until I actually stepped out of technical leadership to study this as my full-time profession for the last eight years. I am the best one to help your business because I have unique insight into both the theory and the practice of technical leadership. For more info about my background, click here to see my LinkedIn profile.

I love working with businesses like yours because you’re struggling with the same thing – knowing your leaders need better people skills yet not having the time to develop them.  I’ve developed this program to help them increase their emotional intelligence faster and easier.  I know what a struggle this is and I have figured out a way to help.  This isn’t just random thoughts, but a carefully crafted process based on data and research with me to help your leaders through it.

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