Seven People You DON'T Want in Your Inner Circle

Uncategorized Jun 15, 2021

What is this inner circle of which I speak?

Well, it’s the people around you that you spend a lot of time with: the people you live with, the people you work with, the people you play with (think hobbies here!).

To some extent, we can’t banish our immediate family and our co-workers from our inner circle, but this week I’m talking more about members of your inner circle that are 100% your choice.  That inner circle shouldn’t be huge, so it must be chosen carefully, and filled with people who spark you... not drain you.

While it’s important to include strong personality types within your inner circle, do it only if those strengths are positive ones. Negativity will ruin your inner circle and render it useless to support you and your growth, just like I talked about in last week’s post about critical people.

Here are a few of the negative personality traits you should avoid having close to you in any way.

The Ego: The Ego loves to spout their...

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6 Ways to Deal with Critical People

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2021

Constructive criticism is fine, healthy even!  You know the type: they tell you there’s a typo in your presentation, but still get the message you were trying to communicate.  On the other hand, some people are so relentlessly negative that they can suck the joy out of life. No matter what happy news you might have, they are guaranteed to find the cloud to fit your silver lining.


Just got a promotion? They’ll tell you how burned out you will be.


Just had a baby? They’ll tell you about the sleepless nights, endless worry, and the cost of college.


There is no escaping critical people, but there are ways of handling them when you have to deal with them.


Here are 6 strategies you can use to deal with hypercritical people.


  1. Don’t Take It Personally

It’s a safe bet that it's not you, it's them. Some people hug their negativity around them like a security blanket, and that colors their view of the world. They...

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Five Rules You CAN Break

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2021

It goes with the territory of being an engineer or at least having an “engineer brain”:  We follow rules.  And when there aren’t any rules, we like to make them up.

It brings order to a chaotic world and frees our brain up to work on important things.  Like discovering microwaves and inventing the microwave.  Or figuring out how to make the “popcorn” button on said microwave actually pop the corn and not char the corn…

Regardless, rules usually start with a greater purpose in mind, but they often don’t keep up with changing times or changing thinking.  What's more, we don’t really THINK about changing them; we just sort of keep on moving forward with that rule set firmly in our mind.

This week, I’m going to talk about breaking rules.  Specifically, five rules that have become almost legend in our society here in the United States.

Breaking certain rules can cause the skies to open and rain down...

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How to Make Easier and Faster Choices

Uncategorized May 25, 2021

Let’s face it.  In the society we live in, we are busy!  As humans moved from an agricultural economy, to an industrial economy, people knew what they were going to do because every day was pretty much the same. 


Now that we live in the knowledge age, the only consistent thing in most of our days is that there will be a lot of information coming in and very little time to process it. Meeting after meeting, sometimes double or even triple booked. We’ve barely processed the last load of data when the next one hits us!


Humans used to make just a few decisions a day; now we make hundreds of them a day.  We are trying to decide what needs our attention right now.


Full disclosure, here; I am not immune.  I constantly have to fight to make and then keep decisions.  Turns out I like to make decisions, move forward, second guess that decision and go back to make it again.  Sometimes it sticks, sometimes I change my...

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The Joy of Laughter

Uncategorized May 18, 2021


"Laughter is the best medicine" is a phrase that dates back to biblical times as an old Proverb, and it's still widely used today all over the world. There’s even a section of the Reader’s Digest by that title that has been going for as long as I have read the magazine (and that's a WHILE!)


We say it and use it simply because it's true!


You may wonder why I always close my blog post out with a touch of humor.  Well wonder no more: it’s because laughter is good for us!  Not to mention, sometimes life hands us a lot that isn’t even remotely funny and sometimes our brain just needs to unwind a bit with a funny joke, picture or meme. 


Let’s face it, I like me some science and I love to let my readers know what’s really going on inside of us.  This week, let's take a look at what happens inside your body, mind, and spirit when you laugh.


Laughter's Effect on Your Body


Endorphins are...

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Four Ways to Tweak Yourself Out of a Rut

Uncategorized May 11, 2021


If you're a human, a routine is good for you!  The human brain loves routines because it can “power down” a bit when you are doing something that is repetitive. It doesn’t matter if the repeat cycle is once a day, or once a week or even once a month.


But, to me, a routine can become a rut in the blink of an eye.


One day you are all fired up by your morning routine and reading your anthem, and the next day, you are reciting the words to your anthem while making a list of all the things you should be doing instead of reading your anthem.


Or is that just me?


If you feel like parts of your life have become predictable, unfulfilling, or boring, maybe it’s time for a fresh start. Deciding to make a change doesn’t mean you have to turn your life upside down, but it is an opportunity to stand back and revise your current way of life.


I like to call this “tweaking” your life.  Not a major change,...

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Three Easy Ways to Practice Perseverance Daily

Uncategorized May 04, 2021

We started out talking about discovering your passion as a step on the path to purpose.  Because I can’t resist alliteration, this week we are going to talk about perseverance.


Because passion with perseverance leads to unstoppable purpose!


Perseverance is defined as the persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.  Boy, does that sound like a barrel of laughs!  However, it is one of those life skills or traits that will serve you well throughout your entire life.


We all face challenges on a regular basis and have times in our lives when it’s important to be able to persevere. For me, I have to think about college.  Man, was that hard, and I sure did want to quit a few times to make the pain go away – especially when I was taking Differential Equations!  But I persevered and there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not happy that I did.  It taught me so much more than...

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Three Steps to Find Your Purpose Later in Life

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2021


Most of you know that I retired a year ago after 32 years with the Army.  Let me tell, you, retiring is a life-changing event!  Add a global pandemic to the mix and last year was quite a year for me! 

I didn’t enter into retirement lightly; it took me over a year to wrap my head around what life, post nine to five, was going to look like.  I spent a lot of time thinking, dreaming and planning (and I also hired a coach to help me through it all!)

So, when I talk about finding your purpose later in life, I am recently coming out the other side of that journey!

If you are retired, or even just past the first flush of your career, you might think you’ve missed the boat on finding purpose in your life. The truth is you’re probably in a better position than ever to really work out what matters, and what you want out of life. And even better, you’re likely to have all the skills you need to focus on your life’s purpose and go for it!...

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Why Finding Your Purpose Matters

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2021


Last week I talked about discovering your passion as a first step to finding your life purpose.  This week, I want to lay some groundwork about WHY finding and igniting your purpose can be so life-altering.  Not to mention, this may explain this global “purpose movement”.

You might feel that holding down a job, getting ahead and taking care of your family is enough, without worrying about your life’s purpose. But taking the time to work out your calling in life is not a luxury or escapism, it is important for helping you live a more meaningful and successful life.

Think about it. What do you want? Chances are you don’t want to be doing the same thing, facing the same issues, in twenty years’ time, right? Humans are hard-wired to find purpose in what they’re doing. They look for fulfillment in their lives. And finding your life purpose can help you define and achieve your life goals. Here are some good reasons to do the work and...

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Eight Easy Questions to Find Your Spark

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2021

Are you trying to find your passion in life? Your reason for getting out of bed every morning? 

If so, you are not alone, many people are attempting to discover their passion every day.

In fact, it’s become so important that I'm going to be digging into your passions and how to use them to live with purpose for the next couple weeks. 

You see, on May 11-13, 2021, there is a conference happening called The Purpose Summit. I am very excited for this summit for several reasons, but I’ll get to that later and in future posts.

Back to discovering your passion!

I think people believe the adage “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.”  After all, the allure of never working a day in your life is hard to ignore!  Of course, nothing is ever that simple, but the core of the adage is that you need to love what you do. 

And that love has to be so soul-filling that it sustains you when things aren’t going so well....

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